Director’s Statement

USC’s new strategic plan places teaching at the forefront of the university’s priorities, aiming for excellence in both teaching and research. The biggest impact our university has is through the education of our students, who will take what they learn at USC and use it to change the world. To ensure our students receive the unrivaled education they deserve, our faculty must be supported in advancing their teaching and rewarded for excellence in teaching at every level.

CET stands ready to assist in making this goal a reality. For USC to identify and reward excellent instructors, it must define what excellence in teaching means. It must also identify assessments that reliably measure the elements of excellence we hope to develop. And, it must provide training and support programs that help faculty build a practice of teaching excellence.

CET is working with USC administrators and faculty leaders to:

  • Clarify the definition of teaching excellence at USC
  • Institute incentive and award structures that reward teaching excellence at every level
  • Identify methods of evaluating teaching that are fair, inclusive, and valid.

CET is developing and piloting training programs for instructors, from teaching assistants to senior faculty, to allow teaching development to occur for all faculty at all levels.

For the work we do to make real change, we must have content experts in pedagogy informing our work. CET is supported by:

  • An advisory board composed of faculty from many disciplines with expertise in instruction, course design, and curriculum development in higher education
  • CET instructional designers, trained specifically in course design and pedagogy
  • An advisory group of school-based instructional designers providing CET with information about the teaching needs of faculty in their schools

To elevate the value and importance of teaching at USC, CET must have impact at every level. Therefore, we work with university administration, advising on policy changes and implementation. We work with schools, developing teaching support, incentives, and evaluation processes. And, we work with programs and individual faculty, consulting on instructional best practices, course design, and curriculum development. We want CET to be a resource for all faculty and future faculty, supporting them in their teaching in every stage of their career.


Ginger Clark

Assistant Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs
Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching