Director’s Statement

The Center for Excellence in Teaching at the University of Southern California provides a forum for student and faculty discussions about learning and teaching inside the classrooms of a research university and beyond. University teaching is experiencing an energetic shift to learner-centered practices and appropriate gauges of success. USC has embraced this energy, and CET offers university-wide programs calculated to enhance learner-centered teaching. The Center fosters respect for others and ethical behavior in all its programs.

University-Wide Programs and Faculty Forums

CET offers workshops and other programs aiming to enhance understanding of learning in the classroom and beyond. Recognizing that research and teaching are inextricably intertwined and that at USC liberal arts and professional learning are often integrated, CET forums focus on articulating learning objectives, modes of learner-centered teaching, and appropriate measures of success. The implementation of CET’s objectives relies on its fellowship programs.

Undergraduate Fellows

CET seeks colleagueship with undergraduates who show leadership potential and a drive to enhance the Center’s efforts in understanding how students learn best. The UF program also aims to enhance interactions between students and faculty by examining the role of discussion sections, office hours, laboratories, and civic, artistic, and intellectual engagements in learning.

Teaching Assistant Fellows

CET seeks the colleagueship of outstanding teaching assistants to assist all TAs from across the University in a commitment to enhanced learning in laboratories, discussion sections, and other venues related to academic success.

Faculty Fellows

CET seeks the colleagueship of faculty members in all fields to help foster and enable a commitment to engaged learning among USC’s students in all venues associated with teaching and learning. Faculty fellows mentor undergraduate fellows and teaching assistant fellows and support and assist faculty colleagues across the University.

On behalf of the Center, I welcome suggestions and requests from colleagues and students across the University.


Ginger Clark
Professor of Clinical Education